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Sarah Pillow & Jeff Johnson "Grace in Time"

Just north of Times Square, on West 46th Street, stands the Church of St. Mary the Virgin. The Parish, orginally formed in 1867, was founded on a principle of Catholic thought in ritual and teaching in the Episcopal Church. Lovingly known as “Smokey Mary’s” from the high volume of incense used during its services, St. Mary the Virgin is a peaceful haven steps away from the busiest intersection in the world. It is in this sanctuary where Sarah Pillow and Jeffrey C. Johnson recorded their 3rd Form Records release, Grace in Time, a selection of spiritual songs for voice and organ featuring works by Mozart, Mahler, Hugo Wolf, Arthur Sullivan, Louis Vierne, and Duke Ellington on themes of love, immortality and heavenly life. Jeffrey’s performance on the celebrated Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ in this spacious acoustic forms the perfect backdrop for Sarah’s joyful, ethereal singing.


Sarah Pillow - voice
Jeffrey C. Johnson - organ