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Sarah Pillow "Nuove Musiche"

The title "Nuove Musiche" is Italian for "new music". Taken from Giulio Caccini's collection of songs from the early 17th century, the melodies and texts have been returned to the 21st by the forerunners of progressive rock and jazz.

"Not for the narrow-minded"
"... Many talents to accompany that superb voice. "Amarilli Mia Bella" (Amarillis, My Beauty), where a picking guitar, filled with effects kind of reminds you of a heavy metal song. But instead of rising to a thunderous chorus, a classical guitar is played marvellously."
"The overall sound is extremely fresh, while remaining classical at the same time. Extremely innovative." -


Sarah Pillow - voice
Marc Wagnon - vibraphone
John Goodsall - guitar
Percy Jones - bass
Frank Katz - drums
Chris Speed - clarinet