Brand X Trilogy


Brand X Trilogy

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Brand X "Trilogy"

The physical CDs are running out, here is a chance to get this rare release, a three-CD set, including the last two studio releases of Brand X "Manifest Destiny" and "Xcommunication" which has been out of print for quite some time, but the third CD is a live show with the band from 1979 featuring Percy, John, Phil Collins, Robin Lumley & Peter Robinson.


Percy Jones - bass
John Goodsall - guitar
Robin Lumley - keyboards (CDIII) 
Peter Robinson - piano (CDIII) 
Marc Wagnon - electronic vibes (CDI) 
Franz Push - keyboard (CDI) 
Danny Wilding - flute (CDII) 
Phil Collins - drums (CDIII) 
Frank Katz - drums (CDI & II)